Friday, January 13, 2017

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Home To Texas: Recollections of a Texas Badman

The adventures of a Texas boy that rides off to the Civil War. Coming home he becomes a Ranger...until he steals a Comanche princess! From the plains to the brothels of New Orleans, Wallace Stevens tries to avoid the label of outlaw while he shoots and seduces his way though Texas and Mexico!

His reputation in Texas is set as he betrays the Rangers, and his distinctive use of the saber in battle prevents any sort of laying low. Even so, he rejects the title of badman, as he "never shot anyone who didn't deserve a damn bullet"

Riding as a Confederate cavalryman, a Texas Ranger, a mercenary in Mexico, and a buffalo hunter, Wallace combats Yankee soldiers, Mexican banditos, fierce Comanche and Kiowa warriors, brutal lawmen, and the Jack Ripper of Austin, the Servant Girl Annihilator.

But his most dangerous battles are with the so-called weaker sex, as Wallace tries to avoid getting stabbed or even more fatally...married!

The pace of the book slows as our gunman rides into middle age via a serious injury, but his worst losses and his greatest victories still lie ahead!

This is a 22,000 word novella, a Western adventure set mainly in Texas, with interludes in Old Mexico and New Orleans. The book is definitely adult oriented and sex and violence, including the morality of violence, are major themes. One warning is that the main character uses racist language, and this does become a plot point. The book is written in dialect, from the outlaw's point of view, and while he may not be the outlaw his wanted poster says he is, he sure  is a wise-ass!